Data is a source of ideas. Ideas are drivers for open data.

We are commited to make new open data sources available soon, which could be used for the first time at the TWIST-Hackdays. Below you can find an overview of the not yet published datasets, which will - hopefully - be open by then. Also, we’re gathering ideas for potential projects as well as already existing interesting open data sources. This page will be updated on a regularly basis over the next few weeks.

Drafts of potential hackathon-projects

Linked Open Data : Which “hidden truths” can be made visible when open data can be linked and joined toghether easily?

OpenSpending : What is taxpayers’ money spent for? Which claims around public spending generally considered valid are facts, which are myths?

Machine learning : Let statistical learning algorithms learn from the datasets provided at TWIST to unveil interesting patterns and make predictions!

Publication as opendata in evaluation


  • Detailed data on all the registered motorvehicles since 2012, Canton Zurich (not ready until TWIST2018)
  • Detailed passenger-counts of selected tram stations, City of Zurich
  • Aggregated data on distances covered by bike and routes, Bike2Work Challenge (request pending) (not ready until TWIST2018)


  • Data on weekly case numbers (national level) of infectious diseases, tick-borne diseases, influenza-like diseases


  • Parliamentary business API, City of Zurich (not ready until TWIST2018)
  • Members of the cantonal parliament since 1910, Canton of Zurich

Spatial Data

  • Spatial raster data on population, employees and buildings, Canton of Zurich (test-datasets for TWIST2018 published)
  • Geodata of building outlines with building age, Canton of Zurich
  • Spatially disaggregated data on real-estate transactions, Canton of Zurich

Already available data sources

Wikidata : the free and open knowledge base

If you’re going for the linked open data challenge, there is hardly a way around wikidata!

Punctuality Data (Public transportation)
Passenger Data (Public transportation)

Landing Pages for Public transportation

Bicycle- and Pedestriancounts

Open Data sources with reference to Switzerland (A-Z)

Canton of Basel-Stadt - Canton of Geneva - Canton of Graubünden - Canton of Thurgau - Canton of Zug - Canton of Zurich - City of Berne - City of Zurich - Open Data Platform Swiss Public Transport - Open Food Data Packages School of Data Working Group - OpenGLAM CH Working Group - SRG SSR - Swisscom - Swiss Federal Geoportal - Swiss Post