Data is a source of ideas. Ideas are drivers for open data.

During the event, we will collect and showcase all the hackday-projects in one place on There you can already find an overview over the challenges and hackday-project proposals.

However, as participants are free to pursue their own interests and propose projects themselfes, here is a list of potential datasources:


Linked Open Statistical Data (LOSD)

Financial Data


Spatial Data

Adress Data

Wikidata : the free and open knowledge base

If you’re going for the linked open data challenge, there is hardly a way around wikidata!

Punctuality Data (Public transportation)

Passenger Data (Public transportation)

Landing Pages for Public transportation

Aviation data

Flights from / to Zurich Airport, Data & metadata on github, Not Open Data.

Bicycle- and Pedestriancounts

Weather Data

Open Data sources with reference to Switzerland (A-Z)

Canton of Basel-Stadt - Canton of Geneva - Canton of Graubünden - Canton of Thurgau - Canton of Zug - Canton of Zurich - City of Berne - City of Zurich - Open Data Platform Swiss Public Transport - Open Food Data Packages School of Data Working Group - OpenGLAM CH Working Group - SRG SSR - Swisscom - Swiss Federal Geoportal - Swiss Post