The «Ideas & Resources» web-page is live!

The "Ideas & Resources" page will serve as a source of inspiration for Hackday-projects.

We are currently collecting ideas and compiling a list of exciting data sets to be used at the Twist-Hackdays. There will be no prescribed challenges. We will provide a pool of ideas which will serve as a source of inspiration and a solid starting point for potential Hackday-projects. We do our best to make until yet undisclosed data sources open soon, which could be used for the first time at the TWIST-Hackdays. Find an overview of the planed open datasets on our “Ideas & Resources”-webpage:

Ideas & Resources Webpage

We’ll update this page regularly, as we’re currently in the process of gathering ideas & data for the event. And of course, we also refer to already existing, interesting open datasets which could be useful for the hackdays.

So stay tuned!

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