The Twist-Hackdays are part of the Swiss Statistics Meeting 2018.

As part of the 2018 Swiss Statistics Meeting, hackdays will be held for the first time. During the hackdays, interested participants will research the potential of various data sets. The attendeees will work together in interdisciplinary teams to explore the data and master the challenges. The different skills and backgrounds within the different teams will allow for creativity and the development of new solutions and ideas.

Free participation & family-friendly setting

Participation in the hackdays is free. In freely-chosen teams, participants will work on visualisations and analyses among other things. Rooms will be available for this purpose as of Saturday 25 August. Refreshments and a high-performance wifi connection will be available around the clock. Attendees of the Swiss Statistics Meeting are also naturally welcome whether as active team members or bystanders. A supervised playarea for children will be available during the hackdays. We are evaluating whether there is demand for full service childcare for children staying the entire day. Please fill in this form if you are interested:

Childcare needed? Let us know!

Final Results will be presented at the Swiss Statistics Meeting

This first hackdays will attract a completely new group of people to the Swiss Statistics Meeting. Participants from a broad range of different fields will breathe new life into the statistics scene, providing for an exchange between experts from various areas. This is an exciting prospect both for the offices taking part in the Swiss Statistics Meeting in terms of the transfer of technology and recruitment.

At the end the results of the hackdays will be presented to the public at the Swiss Statistics Meeting on Tuesday 28 August.

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