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contribute to a better understanding of traffic in major Swiss cities

We know Zurich’s data of automated pedestrian and bicycle counting quite well. Together with you we would like to find out if and how it can be compared with analogous data of other cities and / or means of transport. What patterns come to light when combining Zurich’s foot and bicycle frequencies with VBZ or SBB data? How high is the share of people going to the train station by bike? How does the weather affect it? And how do Basel, Berne and Lucerne perform in this regard?

explore differences among cities and means of transport

Since 2009, the city of Zurich has counted the number of bicycle rides at around twenty locations. Four years later, counting devices for foot traffic followed. Counting data from around 40 counting points and 100,000 measuring days are now available. By now, we have been able to answer many relevant questions, but there is much more to discover. Which aspect of the weather has the greatest influence on the use of transport / choice of the means of transport? How do these effects differ between different spots: such as for instance Fischerweg and Limmatquai or between Zurich and other major cities? Do major milestones, such as the opening of the “Durchmesserlinie”, the new direct underground train line between Zurich main station and Zurich Oerlikon, also have an impact on bicycle-usage? And what role does the bicycle play when the VBZ buses and trams are already closed?

Ideas for TWIST-projects

Thinking out loud, here are some ideas you could pursue at TWIST2018:

  • Discover patterns in the count data and test your hypotheses.
  • Show us how the proportion of means of transport in Langstrasse changes over the course of the day, week and year.
  • Compare the impact of weather on bicycle use in various major Swiss cities.
  • Estimate how the frequencies could develop over the next few years and what role the bike could play by the year 2025.

Be creative! We look forward to hearing from you and your ideas.

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