Swiss Statistics Meeting 2018

The Swiss Statistics Meeting will be held under the motto: “Statistic and emotions”

While statistics is an exact science, emotions by contrast are subjective, often irrational and difficult to measure. Despite or perhaps even due to this contrast, statistics and emotions are increasingly considered together: if moods and feelings increasingly define what is true and false, what exactly is the role of statistics?

  • Are decisions too often made on a purely emotional basis, neglecting statistical data and proven facts?

  • How important are evidence-based decision processes given that factual correctness is becoming less and less relevant in politics and the economy?

  • How do statisticians deal with “fake news”? What emotions do surveys or statistical results trigger among the public?

  • What biases and resentments exist compared with fact-based statistics?

In the course of these three days, well-known figures from the field of statistics, the economy, academia, politics and culture will specifically discuss these issues. A number of open workshops will offer the opportunity to exchange views on a wide selection of topics.